#NUArtist: Vossy V

Vossy V, also known as the NuMob Chief, is originally from Memphis. He moved to San Francisco and is taking the Bay Area music scene by storm. His savage beats and lyrics captures every audience he performs for. Even his album covers are a testament of how he’s a force to be reckon with in the Bay Area music scene. He will be performing with Mac Mall on Sunday, May 21, at the Complex in Oakland. Check out our favorite songs of the NuMob Chief below:

#NUArtist: Ty Astor

Ty Astor is best known for his latest single “Stay the Night” produced by Beat Roc. “Stay the Night” and was introduced by Big Von on 106.1 KMEL’s Home Turf Radio. Ty Astor won their competition for winning the most votes among Bay Area listeners. Ty Astor is a multi-talented artist born in Oakland, CA. He has a long experience of performing at different venues across the Bay Area. Asides from rapping, Ty Astor is also a drummer and a barber! He is also a very proud member of the American Society of Composers and Publishers. Check out some of our favorites below:

#NUArtist: KC

KC is a local Sacramento rapper making his way onto the music scene. He has hypnotic beats that keeps you locked in and hooked onto every word he says. KC also has talents that reminds us of a younger Eminem. He’ll be performing live with Yukmouth on Saturday, May 13. They will be in Sacramento to celebrate Yukmouth’s latest album! However, you can check out KC before the show! Check out our favorites below:

#NUArtist: Lady Swagga

Lady Swagga should be on every “Top Bay Area Female Rappers” list. Her songs can get any crowd hollering for an encore. She works hard and is passionate about her music. Lady Swagga is brilliant at making instant hits, our personal favorites being “Player No More” and “On Some Other Shit”. Check those songs out below:

#NUArtist: The Lucid Experience

NFO & Taras have started this amazing group that consists of 6 artists, a tour manager and some sponsors. They tour the west coast in a custom RV that has been turned into a recording studio. The Lucid Experience also has a podcast and posts weekly vlogs about their adventures. Their main goal is to inspire, grow, learn, explore and experience the unknown all while making fantastic music. Check out their Soundcloud below:

#NUArtist: Skaz One

Skaz One is an activist, emcee, entrepreneur, and rapper. He is a San Francisco native and takes every opportunity to rep his city.  Skaz One has been on several tours and continues to increase his fan-base on a daily basis.  His next show will be in San Jose with San Quinn for the 420 Smokeout. Check out Skaz One’s music below:

#NUArtist: Lyrics

With a vibe that reminds you of Lil Wayne, Lyrics is taking northern California by storm. His well written verses and choruses leave no question why he goes by the name Lyrics. He ensures a good time when he adds in a smooth beat to his words. Check out Lyrics’ sound cloud and his two songs, “Magazine Flow” and “Ridin in The Fast Lane” below:

#NUArtist: Rjeez

Rjeez, a pioneer of Reel Turf Entertainment, is definitely a must have on any DJ’s playlist. He works with several other rappers such as A1Da Great, DJ Rapture, Kole Haze, Tweezy Group 2350, and Ajeezy. Rjeez is unquestionably a rapper you’ll be hearing a lot from in the future! Check out his songs “Come Andale” and “Rollin” below:

#NUArtist: Young Alien

Young Alien is an upcoming artist from the Bay Area. His high energy is clearly expressed through his music. Young Alien preaches to always be positive and that love wins everything. He said, “We can create our own reality, come follow as my life manifest and unfolds into becoming your favorite artist!” Check his music out below and watch him perform with J. Stalin on 3/25 in San Jose!

#NUArtist: Solrak

With clean production and fresh lyrics Solrak, a San Jose native, is taking over the bay area scene highlighted by his high production skills. This self made, uniquely styled rapper, is bound to catch your attention. A featured artist on Datpiff.com, his recent single “Bounce” is ripping through the charts. Check out his SoundCloud below: