#NUArtist: CZVR_Chris

CZVR_Chris, a Bay Area native, is performing with Mac Mall this weekend, 8/27. His music should be part of several night club playlists. The beats on his songs make it difficult not to get up and dance. Check out his latest music on his Soundcloud below and keep an eye out for his other shows! He’s sure to be blasting through the Bay Area rap scene soon.


#NUArtist: abr renzo

Representing Stockton, abr renzo has been quickly making a name for himself. With sounds that will remind you of Migos and Quavo, it’s not a surprise that he is opening up for Nef the Pharaoh in San Jose on August 11. Check out the youngster that is slaying through the underground rap scene below:

#NUArtist: Playa P

A well-known name in the Bay Area rap scene, Playa P always knows how to fill up any venue. He has worked with several other rappers such as P-Town and 40Keys. His music videos are always on point, just like his music. Check out his latest hit below and you can catch him performing with J. Stalin in San Jose on 7/21!

#NUArtist: Doe the Unknown

Doe the Unknown is one of the hardest working rappers in the business. He does not care about the fame or the money. His main goal is to express himself through rap music. He started rapping and writing his own songs since the 6th grade. He has won  various rap contests and has released several successful albums. He’ll be performing with San Quinn in San Jose! Check out some of Doe the Unknown’s music here:

#NUArtist: Big Melt

Coming straight out of the Bay Area, Big Melt is pursuing his dream of becoming a successful rapper. He has a few new songs out and all are definitely worth the listen! He’ll be performing tomorrow night in Sacramento with San Quinn! Check out his songs below:

#NUArtist: Foreva Young J.P.

This #NUArtist of the week definitely knows how to bring good vibes to any place he goes. His songs “Fame is (Nameless)” and “Turn Shoota” feature a beat that makes you feel like you’re on a road trip with the windows down and have no worries at all.  If you are looking to have a chill day filled with good vibes, listen to Foreva Young J.P.’s Soundcloud below! Also, you can party with Foreva Young J.P. on July 8 in Sacramento. He’ll be performing with San Quinn!

#NUArtist: AJTheKid

AJTheKid always envisioned himself as a rapper. He idolized Eminem and was compared to him so often that he was also called Slim Shady. He grew up in San Francisco and later joined the US Marines. Once he was discharged, he moved to East Oakland and is now a full-time student trying to become a military correspondent for the media. Throughout all of his life, AJTheKid remained faithful to his music and has made amazing albums that reflects his perseverance in life. Check his music out below and come support him when he performs with Nef the Pharoah this weekend in Oakland!

#NUArtist: Du Damage

Du Damage is a veteran of the rap industry. He has performed on hundreds of shows and has songs with Philthy Rich, Thudda Boy, and Tuff da goon. If you have not seen him perform yet, Du Damage knows how to charm a crowd. He can get the crowd singing along to his songs or dancing along with him. Check out his original song “She’s Like Heroin” and his song with Philthy Rich,  “Trip n 4 life”.

#NUArtist: Kaotic

Kaotic’s latest album, titled “Kaotic”, was released in March and it showcases Kaotic’s lyrical talent. Don’t get scared by the album cover, this album is a must have for fans of Bay Area rappers. Our favorite songs on the album are “Reason”, “Want You”, “Uncensored”, and “Curtains Down”. Check out his new album below and you can watch him live when he performs with Clyde Carson on the 23rd!

#NUArtist: ExZuberant

ExZuberant is going to be performing tomorrow night with Mac Mall at the Blue Lamp. His album, The Limit Cannot Be Reached, came out last June, but is a something all of Sacramento should be proud of. ExZuberant raps clearly and with a passionate tone. It is hard not to miss the messages of each of his songs. Our favorites are “401”, “I’m Dope”, and “One Way Ticket”. Check the entire album below: