#NUArtist: Alpha Skywalker

Alpha Skywalker’s flow may have a laid-back vibe, but his tracks are always a party. With a staccato rap style, reverb of his voice playing in the background, and fast beats (some produced by none other than himself), Alpha Skywalker has elements of both Kid Cudi and Migos. Catch him playing at Yukmouth’s Record Release … Continue reading #NUArtist: Alpha Skywalker

#NUArtist: Mu

Mu is a San Jose rapper with a flow he accurately describes as “spazztastic”. He raps circles around whatever beat is behind him. Combined with thoughtful lyrics, Mu’s tracks bring to mind Kendrick Lamar. He’ll be opening for Show Banga this Sunday in Oakland! Check him out here: Get tickets here: Show Banga Live 3/11/18

#NUArtist: Yaboy Diverse

Yaboy Diverse is a 20-year-old rapper and producer from Hayward. Like his name, his diverse rapping speed ranges from bouncy to aggressive. His style stays consistently dark and underground though, and his beats are melodic while still hitting hard. Catch him opening for Show Banga in Oakland on 3/11! Check out his music here:  Get … Continue reading #NUArtist: Yaboy Diverse

#NuArtist D’Wyze of The Bums

D’Angelo “D’Wyze” Smith was born and raised in Oakland, California. D’Wyze is 1/2 the group of The Bums. His fluid flow of rapping is attention getting and keeps the listener captivated! He raps about real life struggles and gives his audience something to relate too. D’Wyze spits game and isn’t afraid to shed knowledge on … Continue reading #NuArtist D’Wyze of The Bums