#NuArtist D’Wyze of The Bums

D’Angelo “D’Wyze” Smith was born and raised in Oakland, California. D’Wyze is 1/2 the group of The Bums. His fluid flow of rapping is attention getting and keeps the listener captivated! He raps about real life struggles and gives his audience something to relate too. D’Wyze spits game and isn’t afraid to shed knowledge on his listeners. Come and vibe with him on 2/16 in San Jose Back Bar opening up for Loverance!


D’Wyze. O-High Playa To Spit from D Angelo D’Wyze Smith on Vimeo.


#NUArtist: Kenny Maxx


Born in Berkeley and raised in Richmond, Kenny Maxx has been in the rap game since 1989. Rap started as a family affair with his cousins, but he later went solo. Kenny’s old-school West Coast rap style fits well in the Bay Area hip-hop scene and is reminiscent of artists like Too $hort. Catch him opening for Nef the Pharaoh in Oakland on Sunday, 12/10! Listen to his music here:

#NUArtist: Lil Ricky

Lil Ricky is a heartfelt rapper with a lightning-fast flow who writes about personal struggles and life on the street. The serious topics covered in his tracks as well as his husky voice bring to mind J. Cole. He’ll be opening for Husalah in Oakland this Saturday! Check him out here:

#NUArtist: O-Ak Coole

O-Ak Coole, an artist and producer from Oakland, switches seamlessly between quick bouncy rap and catchy Auto-Tuned melodies. Destined for the radio, his music is reminiscent of Lil Yachty, iLoveMakonnen, and Lil Uzi Vert. His name stands for:

K.ush ……… Coole”

Catch him performing with Husalah on 12/2 in Oakland! Check out his music below:

#NUArtist: OMF Posse

OMF, a.k.a. Original Masters of Flow, are an old-school hip-hop group from San Francisco. They were founded by London-born The Rebel, whose musical influences include James Brown, Grandmaster Flash, and Run-D.M.C. OMF Posse’s laid-back rap music is definitely in the same throwback style as the legends that inspire it. They’ll be performing with Mac Mall in Oakland this Sunday! Check out their music below:

#NUArtist: TJ Marion

TJ Marion is a rapper reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, effortlessly switching between soulful R&B melodies and storytelling rap lyrics in his songs. His voice is at home in both R&B and rap genres. He’ll be performing with Nef the Pharaoh in San Jose this Saturday! Check out his SoundCloud below:

#NUArtist: Heem3

Heem3 is a local artist who’ll be performing on our J. Stalin show in San Jose on the 29th. He’s a very passionate rapper. Don’t challenge Heem3 into a rap battle, this guy can really spit fire. Check out one his latest songs for yourself below:

#NUArtist: Squad 100

Squad 100 is a Bay Area group with JMB, Blue Strip, Young Fee, & Mac Bari. The group is filled with lots of energy which shines through their songs. Squad 100’s music is all about fun, memories, and good vibes. Definitely a squad worth watching! They’ll be performing live in Oakland with Nef the Pharaoh this Sunday! Check out two of their singles below:

#NUArtist: JAYB X MB

For this week, our #NUArtist is a duo! JAYB x MB are locals in the Bay Area. They are currently going to be on our Nef the Pharaoh show in Oakland on the 22nd. This duo might be young, but they have a lot of talent and potential. Look out for their upcoming shows because they are highly likely going to sell out! Check out their SoundCloud below:

#NUArtist: Kuna LaKai

Kuna LaKai is our artist of the week because he is a local rapper in the Bay Area that promotes good vibes. In his album, Welcome to Shore,  he gives off a beach party vibe. The best and most popular song on the album, Jacuzzi, is able to show what kind of artist Kuna LaKai truly is. He’ll be performing live in San Jose with Clyde Carson on Saturday, 10/7. Check out the album from his SoundCloud below: