#NUArtist: VerseBorn

VerseBorn is an American artist hailing from San Francisco, California. He has amassed a worldwide following and is a member of the “KonQuest”, a uniquely talented group of artists that he works with.

“These guys right here are the future because their edgy, creative, and make good music. Get tuned in!”
– TradeMarrk, MeetThaDealer.com

VerseBorn has had the privilege of writing and producing for many popular artists associated with major record labels including Universal Music Group, Def Jam Recordings, E-One Music, Interscope and more.

In early life, VerseBorn was raised on Wu-Tang and Souls of Mischief while heavily influenced by Black Thought and Talib Kweli as a young mc. VerseBorn is able to play many instruments by ear (without formal training) and took inspiration from RZA, Hi-Tek and Scott Storch as he began producing his own instrumentals.

VerseBorn is most notable for his production of the KonQuest hit single “Kick Rocks”, which has been featured on NBC Sports, World Series of Fighting and various other cable network television programs.

“Really feeling the style man, def on ur way to the top!”
– Watzreal, Recording Artist

Recently, VerseBorn has been a global buzz in the world of Underground Hip Hop. As a Co-Founder of KonQuest Now, VerseBorn has gained recognition for his overall captivating musical capabilities:
Clever Lyrics, clean production, engineering, song arrangements and more…

“Sounds and lyrics are tight man…keep up the good work…best thing have heard in some time!!!!”
– Eliot Rivero, Automo VXF

As one of the Bay Area’s most talented gems, VerseBorn has been able to carve and stretch a unique path on the road to following his dreams while creating and sharing thought-provoking material along the way.

Check out some of VerseBorn’s hit singles here:

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