Who We Are

NU-Ricks is the highest volume independent live music company in the Bay Area. 


NU-Ricks enables artists to grow their networks, get on stage and build a performance resume.


NU-Ricks can drive foot traffic to your venue. This leads to increased bar sales, better notoriety, and repeat customers


Ensure your artists gain the necessary exposure and notoriety they deserve. With our promotional strategies, you can be assured that your artist will be treated and promoted in the most professional of manners.

The Story

Nu-Ricks has been throwing events throughout California since 2005. The two co-founders, Nick and Brian, began by throwing house party concerts in San Jose. Seeing that they were successful in bringing people out to see good live music, the two threw their first show at the Gilroy Gaslighter in the summer of 2008. When their first show, dubbed “Summerfest,” was a success, the two realized that they were on to something and began renting venues and throwing shows throughout the South Bay Area.

After roughly a dozen shows over the course of a year, the two decided to dedicate themselves full-time to throwing shows. They quit their jobs and dedicated themselves fully to the company, “Nu-Ricks.” By January 2010 were incorporated as Nu-Ricks LLC.

Since their inception, Nu-Ricks has thrown hundreds concerts in venues throughout California. The company has worked with practically every significant Bay Area hip hop artist, and have also helped to provide a way for new, undiscovered talent to be exposed and gain popularity.